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The end of cooking your own food


Our vision

▪ We make the age-old habit of cooking your own food obsolete

▪ By automating the whole cooking process with a compact automated kitchen we have significantly lower employee and rent expenses

▪ Eatch will offer meals that are able to compete with the price that you pay for your homemade meal

▪ Do you want to decide what to eat every day, go to the supermarket, cook it yourself for 30 minutes and do the dishes? Or do you quickly go by Eatch?


Our mission

You are standing on average 30 minutes in the kitchen per day… 

We give you your time and health back by providing you with a healthy and affordable meal that is tailored to your needs with the push of a button.

What you do
Go for a run or workout
Learn new thing or skills
Spend more time with friends & family

About us

Eatch offers an alternative for your home-cooked meal by automating the whole cooking process.


We use an automated kitchen that automates the complete cooking process from collecting loose ingredients to serving the final product.

Thereby we significantly reduce two of the largest cost components of fast food chains, labor and rent expenses, with a compact kitchen

As we start from loose ingredients, we can fully personalize your meals.

We work together with a multidisciplinary senior team (10+ years experience), consisting of mechanical engineers and food technologists.


We have an exclusive partnership with one of the leading food R&D companies in the world, based in the Food Valley (Wageningen, The Netherlands) 


▪ Our kitchens offer a delicious meal that is freshly prepared in a few minutes
▪ This allows us to give you your time back



Personalized nutrition

You are unique, so your nutrition should be too

What is the best diet for humans? The answer to an age-old question is that everyone is unique - so should be your meal. With Eatch you can customize your meal to your needs every day in the week. So ask yourself the question: what is the best diet for me?

Eatch @2020
Made by Julia Sijm